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What is the QMS PAC?

The QMS Parent Advisory Council (the PAC) is the parent organization at Qualters Middle School; it works in partnership with the teachers and administrators at QMS. Every parent/guardian of a QMS student automatically is a member of the PAC.
The PAC provides financial support for events, activities, and new initiatives at QMS, including enrichment programs, technology and classroom support, parent education, and community-building activities.
PAC funds are awarded through a grant process; grant proposal are reviewed and voted on by parents at the general meeting each month. Requests for PAC funding must support the QMS School Improvement Plan and/or the Mansfield Public Schools district goals.

How Can I Help?

Stay informed! As a parent of a QMS student, your input matters. Consider attending PAC meetings as a way to help shape your child’s experience at QMS.

Follow PAC on Facebook and Twitter.

Sign up to receive PAC’s newsletter.

Support PAC Fundraisers! PAC-sponsored programs and projects touch every student at QMS. The PAC holds one major fundraiser each fall. This campaign is the main source of the PAC’s annual budget and initiatives, and your financial support is critical.

Volunteer! The gift of your time is just as valuable, as PAC events and activities are only made possible by our QMS parent volunteers.

Can I donate to the PAC?

Yes! If you prefer, direct donations to the PAC also are welcome. The PAC is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, and your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The PAC also partners will local businesses and organizations for sponsorships and donations in support of programs and for company matching funds for employee donations. If you are considering a donation, please check with your employer to see if your company offers a matching gift program.

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Our Fall Fundraiser is Here!

Time is running out to participate in PAC’s fall fundraiser! In the past, money raised has been used for technology, guest speakers, in-classroom enrichment, and after-school activities. Please help support the school, the kids and the teachers! If each student sold $20 through this fundraiser the school would raise $7,200!!

Please take the time to go online and check out all the items available for purchase.  There’s a little bit of everything to choose from including wrapping paper, kitchen & home items, reusable bags, tech accessories, and more! The QMS PAC receives 40% of all sales.  All orders can be placed online through this link and the products are shipped right to your home!

Order by November 22nd at https://www.boonsupply.com/1003060

Don’t forget to share with your friends & family. And be sure they include your child’s name when ordering so they have a chance to earn some fun prizes.